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Are you tired of managing your plans? Are you still doing the old school way of managing your task? Are you finding it hard to keep everything organized? Give all your hassles to us and let us give you a platform where you can manage from a tiny task to a mighty plan. From a small Birthday party to a grand Wedding, PlanMyWork will help you at every step to keep you organized and ahead of the time. Easy-Peasy!

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User Registration

Click on Login then register and choose user type. If you are business owner and wish to register business profile, select user type as “Vendor”. If you are individual person who would like to use application to manage day to day work, then select user type as “User”. Provide your email address and create a password to maintain your profile at PlanMyWork. Once you submit your email address and password, you will be directed to feature page of PlanMyWork. Take a moment to go through each page to get an overview idea about all the powerful features of things you can do at PlanMyWork.

User Registration

On the last tab, you will be required to enter your details. Provide details such as Name, Mobile Number, State, City and Location. Location will help you to refine your vendor search result based on location defaulted in user account setting. You can attach a profile picture here and also have the option to link your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Social media link will help your team member in your network to review your contact information very easily. Click on Submit and get ready to experience a new age tool and plan anything with ease.

Enter your Details

After completing registration process, you will at the homepage (dashboard) of the PlanMyWork. You can start using the features of PlanMyWork at this point of time. However, we advise our user to review account settings for best experience. Account setting is located at left navigation panel as shown below in the picture –

Registration Process

Upon clicking the account setting, you will be prompted with the screen where you can update details under below tabs –

Basic Setting : If you need to update any personal details you can update the same under Basic Setting. For instance, if you relocate to a new location, can update your location in Basic Setting.

Social & Event : Go to this tab to link your Social Profile.

Change Password : Go to this tab to update your password.

Regional Setting –

Regional Setting

Time Zone – Here you can update your time zone. If you are a team member in someone else’s plan and in a different time zone, this setting would allow you to be in sync with everyone in the group. Default time zone is set to Indian Standard Time i.e. UTC +5:30. Task that are planned and scheduled are control using time zone setting.

Date Format - You have the option to change it from here. Default date format is in DD-MM-YYYY format. Application uses date format based on user default setting.

Currency – You have the option to change the currency from here. PlanMyWork also provides you an additional powerful budgeting tool for expense monitoring and it involves monetary transaction in currency. Default currency is INR (Indian Rupees.).

User Notification – During Plan, you would create and assign tasks to team members. When you add members, and assign tasks to them, an email notification will be triggered to them to join the Plan at PlanMyWork. Likewise, if someone adds you to their tasks, an email notification will be triggered to you. There are also other notifications like if a Task is due on a given date and there are no updates, you will receive notification to complete the task.

Reminder Notification – Enable this function to receive reminders via email.

Notification Duration – We understand you would not like to get disturbed during any given time of the day. Set time range here and you will only receive the notification during the time you chose.

Business(Vendor) Registration

If you own a business and would like to maintain your profile at PlanMywork, use this option to register. Planmywork is a tool which help users to create and manage plans. There are plans like wedding, birthday, house warming etc. Almost every plan will have a need to shop for something, it may be apparel, utilities or services. Planmywork allow user to add the applicable Business location to their Plans/Tasks. For example, in a wedding plan, there is a task for Bride’s shopping. Now, in this plan, user would have the option to add an apparel shop, a spa, a jeweler shop and so on. Users can also use this Planmywork as search tool for business places. We encourage Vendors to update all the details about their business to get most out of it.

Click on Login then register and choose user type as Business (Vendor). Provide your email address and create a password to maintain your profile at PlanMyWork. Once you submit your email address and password, you will be directed to update your Business profile.

Business Detail & Address - Provide details like Company name, website, and address. Providing a website link would give user an option to navigate your website. Address details will appear in the search results and helps users to sort the places based on location.

Business Detail

Business Profile - Click continue to update your logo and Business profile. We encourage vendors to provide details here as planning user will read these detail about your Business / services.

Business Profile

Business Category - On the next screen, provide you business’s contact details, photos and wide range of categories. These details will be visible to our user when they search for vendor. Once you choose the category, subcategory will be enabled where you can choose the details applicable to you. Currently only one business category are allowed to select. You can select many business subcategories. For Example, an Apparel category will show you all kind of applicable clothing style under Apparel –

Business Category
Business Sub Category

Features - On the next screen, you have the option to choose the amenities which your business place provide to customers. Most of our users look for these amenities when the plan their shopping. Choose the amenities which are available at your location –


Opening Hours – On the next screen, you can provide the business hours for individual days of the week. You also have the option to no display opening hours, you can do so by selecting the check box ‘Do not display opening hours’. If your Business is closed on any given day of the week choose the check box ‘Close’ and this will update the profile showing your business doesn’t open on chosen day of the week

Opening Hours

Keyword Assignment – On the next screen you can assign the keyword. This will help customers to find your business more precisely on Planmywork. A user might search a business place by its name or on a keyword. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your business place in the search result. For example, a user might just search for Boutique, having this keyword assigned to your business will bring your business in the search results. Keywords are grouped together under keyword category. You can select many keyword categories and many keywords. Our team will be reviewing your business profile on time and making sure each business profile has correct keywords assigned.

Note that business vendor are not allowed to use planning feature of planmywork. Account setting options for business vendor can be used to update profile detail. After successful registration of business profile, it will not be active immediately until it is reviewed and approved my PlanMyWork team. Any changes made in business profile will undergo review process. Review approximately takes 24 hrs of time.

Keyword Assignment



Collaboration is an umbrella under which you can manage the Members of your team and see more details about them. If someone has added you as his or her team members, those requests would also be visible here.

Team Requests – If someone adds you as a member, you would see that requests here. If there are multiple requests pending for your action, you would see the numbers as a notification tile.

Team Requests

Add Member – Here you can add members to your list. This is the master list of members. Members which are added here can be easily added to Plans, Tasks and Reminders. This will make Planning easy. When you add a member, initially you would need to provide details like Email, Name and Mobile number.

Add Member

Add Member

If a new member you are adding is already on PlanMyWork, when you enter the Email Id, rest of their details like Name, Mobile number will auto populate here. If a new member you are adding is not on PlanMyWork, an invitation would be sent to join your team.

In the list of your members, you have option to navigate to their social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. This is enabled once user has linked his/her social media account link here.

We suggest our users to add most of their contacts here in the member list. You can always choose which members you would like to assign to a task. You can also use this simply as a backup of your contacts as well.


Check below video to create / edit and view task

In the Tasks tab, you can create new tasks, assign team members to those Tasks, assign vendors or simply check the progress of the existing Tasks.

Tasks Tab

To check Upcoming Task, Open Task, Overdue Task or Tasks which are closed previously, simply navigate through the pan

All Task

Authorization restriction – Admin user can create, edit, view and update task, whereas team member can view task and update the status also.

Creating Task

Selected Vendors

Under Tasks, you have the option to create a New Task outside a Plan.

Task Name – This will be the Title of the Task which will be visible in the Task List.

Task Description – You can add a meaningful description to get more insight of the Task or you can also add your personal note for a particular task here. Currently task description has allowed limit upto 200 characters.

Select Members – From your master contact list, you can assign the Task to given number of Members. Select the Members you feel would be a right fit for the Task and they will be notified about the same. Only the owner of the Task can assign members, edit or delete the task whereas an assigned member can only view the tasks which they are member of. Any member that not in list and would like to add on task, only admin user who created task are allowed to add or delete new team member by clicking on select team.

Select Vendor – If your tasks involve a vendor, select it from our ever-growing database of Vendors which are spread across businesses. For Example, A shopping Task can involve a Shopping Mall/Store. You can search vendor using keyword in search box or using business categories. After selecting vendors, right section in task will show list of the vendors along with address that selected for task.

Date – Define the date range in which you are targeting to complete the Task.

Time – For a time sensitive and Critical Tasks add Time as well for precise monitoring.

Print – To work offline, print the task and track the progress.

Status – As you progress on executing task, you can update status of task by selecting percentage completion or close status. This will help to track progress of your work.

Create Reminder

Create Reminder

Are you having hard a time remembering day to day obligations?. Under Reminder, you can create a Reminder to keep a list of your day to day duties. From making Credit Car Payment to Doctor Appointment, never miss anything. Under Create Reminder, you can use predefined reminders from the list or create your own and add it. Example –

List or Create

Notes : You can use this to write your personal notes about a reminder.

Date : Assign a due date for the reminder or a date for your own reference.

Repeat : If a Reminder is recurring, like a credit card payment, check the repeat checkbox and provide the frequency. PlanMyWork will automatically repeat the reminder for you. You have the option to repeat it on a day of the week, Daily/Weekly/Monthly. If you wish to stop a reminder after some time, set an end date and PlanMyWork will take that reminder off when the set date is reached.

Amount : If a Reminder includes monetary transaction, here you can mention the Amount for your personal reference here.

Select Members : If your Reminder involves a Member of your team, you can also select the Members within the Reminder. Only the owner of the Reminder can assign members, edit or delete the reminder whereas an assigned member can only view the reminder which they are member of.

My Reminders

All Reminders

To check Upcoming reminder, Open reminder, overdue reminder or reminders which are closed previously, simply navigate through the pan.

In Today’s Task, you will see the Tasks which are starting today. Navigate to other tabs to see other Tasks.

Status – You can check or change the completion status of a given task here with 25%, 50%... and so on. From task list, it is allowed to select correct status instead of going to detail of task. Upon selection of “Closed” status from task list, selected task will move to “Close task” tab upon status update.

Assigned Vendors – We have a list of Vendors in our database which is constantly increasing. If your tasks involve a particular vendor, those vendors will be visible here. For Example, for a shopping task, a shopping mall/store can be added in ‘Assigned Vendors’. Team member are allowed to only view vendors that are already assigned vendors. User who create and assign task are allowed to modify or add new vendors to task.

Assigned Members – Results are always better with teams. From your member’s list, you can assign a task to number of selected members. Assigned members will be visible here.

You can also Edit/Delete a Task from this view by using the small Pencil or Trash icons. Please note, if you have a member assigned to the Task, only Admin (Task Owner) can delete or edit this Task. However, assigned member can only view the Task which they are part of. A non- admin user cannot modify or delete tasks.


Check below video to create step by step project or plan

From a Birthday party to a grand Wedding or you can absolutely plan everything at PlanMyWork. In the Create Plan, you would see ready to use Templates as –

Ready To Use

Above screen show the brief of navigation about the Plan. We have covered most of the frequently used plans with the template to take off some work from your shoulder. We are constantly working to improve it further in the best way possible. We also working on adding new template which might help you to automate your day to day work.

However, if you have a Custom Plan and want to define your own Template, use the Option below to create a Custom Plan. You are in control of everything at PlanMyWork.

Custom Plan

Once you choose Ready to use Plan, you will see the list of ready to use Plans to choose from. You can also choose from ready to use the templates from the drop-down menu at the right top corner. Choose the Plan you would like to manage

Create Plan

Let’s Plan and manage a Wedding. From Invitations to Shopping, Reception to Band Baja and Baarat, you can plan and manage every nook and corner related to Wedding at PlanMyWork.

Wedding Plan

Enter Plan Name – Once you select a predefined template, you can enter the Plan Name here. This will be the main Title which will also appear on your dashboard where you can track the overall progress of all your plans.

Add Member – This would be a good time to create your team for the Plan or overall contact list. Once you click on add member button, you will get a pop up to as below to add the Member. If a member already exists in application, just provide the Email address, rest of details will be auto-populated. Add required Email Address, Name and Mobile number of your team member.

Add Member

Once you are done with adding your team members, the list of Members will appear below to choose from -

Team Members

Click on Select Icon to select Team members to your Plan. These Members will be auto-suggested during Task creations. You can simply assign the task to these members in your plan. Once you are done selecting Plan, selected Members will appear on right as a final list before you finally add them to Your Plan. After reviewing, click on Add Plan to proceed

Select Members

Once you Add Members to your Plan, you will be shown next screen to add Categories, Planning and Budgeting.

1 Select Category & Add Tasks

Category & Add Tasks

Categories will auto-populate based upon the type of Plan You Choose. All the relevant Categories are ready to choose from. You can do the plan for each category, create Tasks and reminders about these. You can also create your own custom category by clicking on the ‘Add New Category Button’. You also have the option to Edit or Delete any existing category per your convenience. At PlanMyWork, you are in control of your plans.

Once you select the Category, you will see the related Tasks, Tips, and Item List which are relevant to that Category.



Tasks are what makes a Plan, and Category helps you keep those Tasks organized. Choose from pre-existing tasks which are available in individual categories. You can select all the Tasks from available tasks. Should you need a Task which doesn’t exist, click on ‘Add New Task’ to create a Custom Task under any individual Category.



Tips help you to keep extra notes and checks in place which are helpful in completing the Tasks efficiently. For Example, if you are in Category ‘Venue’ and Adding Tasks to Finalize a Hotel, you can select or add custom Tips like to check the Reviews, Feedback, Quotes etc. Tips come in handy for all type of tasks.



For each Task, you might feel the need of items which are required to complete it. This is a free entry where you can create multiple lists and add multiple items under each list. To create an Item list, click on Add New List and start adding the items you feel would be required to complete the Tasks. You can also add multiple items but only choose to check only a those you needed while executing task. Once you are done with Tasks, Tips, and Items you can navigate to the next Category to continue Planning.

Once you are done with Planning for the Categories you need, you will see the summary of the Plan at right side like this –

Added Category

Review the Added Categories, Tasks, Tips and Items in that category and Click on ‘Proceed to Plan’ to start Planning these Tasks.

2. Planning

Tasks -

Once you add required Categories, Tasks and Tips you can Plan the same under Planning.

Under Each Category’s Task, you can assign Members, give date and timeline and assign the required vendors.

First Assign Date and Time for the Task


Add Vendors – We have a list of Vendors in our database which is constantly increasing. If your tasks involve a vendor / places / business, those vendors will be visible here. For Example, for a shopping task, a shopping mall/store can be added in ‘Assigned Vendors’.

Note – Click on Note to add any comments you have for your reference related to Task.

Members – End Results are always better with teams. From your member’s list, you can assign a task to many of the selected members. Assigned members will be visible here. If any member leaves project or require removing from member list, then first remove member from all tasks that assigned to member and then remove from plan member list.

Tips - Within planning section, once you are done with the Tasks, you have the option to go to Tips and Items for individual Tasks. Navigate to Tips from the navigation button shown below to see the Tips for each Task at once –

Planning Section

Items -

After you are done with Tasks and Tips, it’s time to prepare your Items for all the Tasks where you have added them.

Navigate to Items as shown below and update the quantities of those items which you would need to complete the Tasks. –


Once you are done with your first Task. Repeat the same steps for all the Tasks, Tips and Items. Once you are done its time to go to Budgeting.


Budgeting is one of the simple, intuitive and most powerful part in PlanMyWork. You can Use Budgeting standalone irrespective of the Categories you selected. For Instance, You can do the Budgeting for Transports, even though you have not added any Tasks in this category.


You can choose from pre-existing Items or add an item of your own choice for which you would like to do the Budgeting. Even you can delete these items that pre-populated if you wish not to see them in your budget.

Once you enter an amount for an individual item in each Category, you will the summary of Totals at the Top –

Individual Item

Print and Offline PDF

To print the Plan, click on the Print Icon. If you would like to email or take the Plan offline, you can always download the Plans, click on the PDF Icon.

Print and Offline PDF

Business Directory

Business Directory

Planmywork is designed to help you on every corner of your Plans. We have an ever-growing list of Vendors across the segments to make your tasks easy. Under Business Directory, you can find the useful search a Business, find their address, facilities, timings and other useful information which would help to organize your plans and task better. Vendor or business search can be also available without even assigning to task or plan. On top search box, you can search vendor in any cities with proper keywords. Even right top corner navigation will help you to search business profiles as per categories. Note that business profiles or vendors are not allowed to assigned under reminder functions.


Who doesn’t like Calendar View? Stay ahead of time and see all the tasks and reminders in the Calendar view. Switch to Month/Week/Day view to get more details about your action items that generated from task, plan or reminders.


In the bottom pan of the calendar, you can view the list of your tasks for the given time period. Little tiles in the Task will give you a quick look of members assigned to tasks.

Bottom Pan Calendar

You can also navigate into the details about the Tasks and Reminders from Calendar view. At the overview level, bottom pan of calendar shows you the list of Tasks and Reminders for the month. To see Tasks/Reminders for different week/month you can navigate the calendar or alternatively you can go to Reminders/Tasks from navigation panel on the left.

To see more detail about the reminder, click on the little circle as shown in the picture and that would expand the reminder. For example, if you have a reminder set for Credit Car payment, you can see more details or update the reminder from calendar view.

Calendar View

After expanding a Reminder, you can do things like update the status i.e. pay, paid, Unpaid, Pending, and Balance. You can also update the Amount section like Total amount and Paid amount, for partial payment system will automatically calculate the Balance and update it. You would also see the list of assigned members for the given reminder, if any. To Edit/Delete the Reminder use the Pencil and Trash icon provided at right side of the Reminder as shown in the picture above. Please note, if you have a member assigned to the Reminder, only Admin (Reminder Owner) can delete or edit this Reminder however, assigned member can only view the Reminder which they are part of.

Calendar view would also include your tasks for the month in bottom pan display. Like for a reminder, you can also click on the Task to expand and go over the details

Task to expand

Here you can update the completion status of the Task, see the date and time details, check the information about the vendors and assigned members. The assigned member’s photo thumbnail would appear on the task, if the profile photo is not available, their initials will appear. You also have the option to Edit/Delete Tasks from the Pencil/Trash Icon available at the right side of the item as shown in the picture above. Please note, if you have a member assigned to the Task, only Admin (Task Owner) can delete or edit this Task however, assigned member can only view the Task which they are part of. A non- admin user cannot modify or delete tasks.



The Dashboard is your quick look at PlanMyWork. You can track the progress of you Plans, Tasks, Reminders and New Invitations request at Dashboard. Every time you log on to Dashboard will give you a snippet of progress made every day.

Total Plans : This tile would show you the total number of Plans you have.

Total Tasks : This tile would show you the total number of tasks, you are part of. This could be the tasks which you created and part of or the tasks where someone else has added you as a member in their task.

Total Reminders : This tile would show you the reminders of the day.

Plans : Under this you will see the latest 3 records of Plans from your account. You can expand to see all your plans by clicking on View All and will redirect you to my plan page.

New Invitations : When someone adds you to their member list, you would receive an email notification and in your account, you will see the pending invitation here. By accepting the invitation you are able to see the all assigning task to you. List will show first three requests which need action from you either accept or reject. Accepting request will add team members in both users’ list whereas reject will remove request from list. You can expand invitation list if it has more than three requests by click on view all, it will direct you to collaboration page where you can see complete list of invitations.

Upcoming Task : When a task is set for a future date, you would see the list of tasks here and can navigate to the task to get details and get in action. Here, you will see latest 3 Records of upcoming task.

You can expand upcoming task list if it has more than three task by click on view all, it will direct you to task list page where you can see complete list of tasks.

Upcoming Reminder : These are the reminders which are set for future date, you would see the list of reminders here and can navigate to it. Here, you will see latest 3 Records of upcoming Reminders. You can expand reminder list if it has more than three reminders by click on view all, it will direct you to reminder list page where you can see complete list of reminders.



While you working on your task or plan, you need any information about any quote, product, rates or any services about vendors in your locations. Please submit Enquiry with your detail. Our team will review your request and passed to right vendors.

Write down your Name, Email, contact number, your address details and your note in contact us section.